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Bilge Rats
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Who are the Bilge Rats?
We are a motley crew of pirates that pillage and plunder everything in sight. This includes ports, ships, pieces of eight, and most importantly rum and salty wenches. We rule the Seven Seas through strength and intimidation. Anyone that gets in our way is brutally beheaded with a cutlass. We do not take mercy on anyone so do not ask. We are feared and respected at the same time. This is soley because of our violent and unforgiving reputation.
We have a strong brotherhood and fend for one another. If a fellow crewman is in need, we do not hesitate to help. Our values include hard work, honesty, maturity, friendship, and loyality. Just like pirate crews of long ago, our ship is ran by a democracy. We have a captain and four highly respected officers. Our crew has a say on important matters through voting. This helps everyone feel equal.
I hope this answers some of your questions about who we are. If you would like to get to know us better, head on over to our forums. Now swab the deck ya salty dog, before I send you off to dance the hempen jig!
POTC Skull